Tyler Braden

"Ever since I first learned how to strum a couple chords on a guitar, rock music has been a huge influence on my style," says Braden. "I think that Neon Grave really kicks it up a notch. It has that underlying thread of country storytelling, but it also channels the same kind of energy that fans feel during my live shows. I'm excited for everyone to hear and experience the direction that we're headed in."
The recently released six track album, Neon Grave, produced by Randy Montana and released via Warner Music Nashville, marks a creative milestone for Braden. The charismatic singer-songwriter has spent much of his young life cultivating his distinctive musical vision. He's also built a massive fan base through a series of more than a dozen successful digital releases, racking up an incredible 200 million streams. Meanwhile, he's made his mark as a powerhouse live performer, with an earthy energy to match his emotionally insightful, melodically infectious songs.