The Powell Brothers

THE POWELL BROTHERS is an American Country duo from Houston, TX. fronted by brothers Taylor Powell (lead vocals, guitar, bass) and Blake Powell (vocals, bass, guitar). With a unique blend of genres, thoughtful lyrics and superb musicianship, they have garnered and vast and diverse following. Releases include 7 singles, 3 EPs and 1 full length album. The Powell Brothers kicked off 2021 by releasing "Twenty Twenty," a five track EP featuring the hit radio single "How It's Done." Taylor, Blake, drummer Mike Bishop Smith and sound engineer Blake Sessions spent lots of time together working on new music during the coronavirus pandemic. The team hunkered down at "The Farm," a barn converted into an audio/video studio on The Powell Brothers' farm outside of Houston, Texas. After several weeks of collaborating, the band emerged from the barn with a new edgy, hard hitting sound with major attitude. The signature sound features powerful electric guitar riffs backed by a driving drum beat and gritty bass tones. The band immediately recorded five songs from The Powell Brothers' catalogue of released material. The result was "Twenty Twenty," a pulse pounding, addictive musical elixir blending elements of County and Rock in a unique way that is unmistakably The Powell Brothers. After releasing "Twenty Twenty" on February 5, 2021, Taylor and Blake Powell vowed to continuously push out new music throughout 2021. The Powell Brothers held true to their promise and just thirty days later, the group dropped the new single "Hopeless." Don't let the title fool you; this song is a roll the windows down, crank the volume up and put your foot on the gas Spring/Summer anthem! Blake Powell explains the song title like this: "Hopeless is based on all the backhanded compliments we've received on our journey from making music our lives to making music our livelihood. This song is for everyone who followed their dreams no matter what people said along the way." The single is available now on all streaming sites, including Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play, Pandora and more.